May 15, 2024 Agenda

Ready for sixteen different sessions focused on the skills and concepts public servants like you need to advance in their careers? We’ve curated a jam-packed agenda around the topics that matter most to government employees like you. Now the difficult part: which sessions will you join on May 15?

Please note that session times are listed in EST and the agenda is subject to change. And don’t forget to register!

NextGen Government Training Virtual Summit:
Maximize Your Career Potential

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 | 10 a.m.-4 p.m. ET/7 a.m.-1 p.m. PT
Attendees Can Earn Up to 5 CPE Credits
Live Captioning Will Be Available

10-11 AM ET/7-8 AM PT – Opening Keynote Session (1 CPE Credit):

3 Ways to Make Your Boss Shine…And Why That Matters

Your own personal work performance is usually the focus – making sure you’re hitting your deadlines and deliverables. But there’s a lot of value in going beyond your day-to-day responsibilities and helping your boss look good. In this keynote session, you’ll learn why you should go the extra mile to support your boss, and how in turn, that can make you a stronger employee.

Speakers: Lisa Jammer, Chief People and Culture Officer, Texas Department of Information Resources and Randa Maldonado, PHR, People and Culture Director, Texas Department of Information Resources

Finding Purpose and Meaning: How Different Roles Can Guide Your Career

Career growth is rarely linear. In fact, each twist and turn on your career journey contributes to your overall unique insights and experience as a public servant. In this engaging keynote session, we’ll explore how embracing new opportunities, roles or responsibilities can truly heighten your professional purpose.

Speaker: Dr. Jenn Hawkins, JD, Senior Advisor, DEIA Policy, Peace Corps

What’s Your Why?

As you open the doors to your office building, or log into your computer from home, what feeling do you get? If you dread doing your job, it could be that you have lost your why – your reason for doing the work. In this keynote, you will hear from a government leader about how to rediscover your why.

Speaker: Brian Whittaker, Founder, Humans of Public Service

11-11:15 AM ET/8-8:15 AM PT – Break

11:15 AM-12:15 PM ET/8:15-9:15 AM PT – Breakout Session Round 1 (1 CPE Credit):

Building Your Brand: What’s Your Value Proposition?

What are your core values as a professional? What do you bring to the table each day? This breakout session will help you explore what truly matters to you as an individual in the workforce, and how to effectively communicate that to your colleagues and supervisors. You’ll also learn how to establish your personal brand so that you can carry it with you throughout your career.

Key Takeaway: You’ll learn how to define your personal brand and how to effectively communicate it to your supervisor and colleagues.

ECQ 5: Building Coalitions

Speaker: Brian Wilson, Organizational Change Management Lead, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

You Have an Idea: Here’s How to Confidently Share It

Pitching an idea can make anyone feel vulnerable. What if it doesn’t land correctly or people only see the flaws? In this breakout session, we’ll hear from a career expert about how to get over the fear and risk we associate with putting new ideas out there.

Key Takeaway: You’ll learn how to clearly communicate and advocate for your ideas – and yourself.

ECQ 3: Results Driven

Speaker: Wendie Veloz, Founder and Social Impact Strategist

How Managers Can Create Psychological Safety at Work

Numerous studies have shown the negative impact that a lack of trust and support can have on employees. Managers and supervisors are responsible for creating and fostering a culture of psychological safety so that teams can thrive and perform. This breakout session will show you how to do that.

Key Takeaway: You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of how to create a culture of psychological safety on your team.

ECQ 2: Leading People

Speakers: Speakers: Lisa Jammer, Chief People and Culture Officer, Texas Department of Information Resources and Randa Maldonado, PHR, People and Culture Director, Texas Department of Information Resources

Where AI Can Help You Do Your Job Better – And Where It Can’t

Artificial intelligence is arguably the hottest tech trend to impact government this year. However, along with all this buzz comes misinformation and confusion: Exactly how will AI impact the work you do each day – from daily tasks to your agency’s mission? Hear from an AI expert about how AI is poised to affect daily operations, and what likely won’t change at all.

Key Takeaway: This session will provide practical information about how AI will directly impact work in the public sector.

ECQ 4: Business Acumen

Speaker: Joshua Martin, Chief Data Officer, State of Indiana and Executive Director, Indiana Management Performance Hub

Designing a Work Experience That Promotes Well-Being and Performance

Neglecting well-being can have severe consequences both personally and professionally. It’s time to recognize that well-being is an important issue for both employees and organizations and that it cannot be left up to chance. Either as an individual contributor or manager, this breakout session will help you better understand some of the causes of burnout in the workplace and how to work as a team to design an employee experience that fuels well-being and performance.

Key Takeaway: You’ll learn the 7 C’s of a healthy employee experience.

ECQ 1: Leading Change, Leading People

Speaker: Dr. Noha Gaber, Deputy Director (Acting), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

12:15-12:30 PM ET/9:15-9:30 AM PT – Break

12:30-1:30 PM ET/9:30-10:30 AM PT – Lunch Keynote Session (1 CPE Credit):

Should I Stay or Should I Go? 3 Signs You’ve Plateaued in Your Role

Do you have a sneaking suspicion you might have outgrown your current role? Before you take the jump and leave a job, there are a few thing you should seriously consider. We’ll speak with a career expert during this keynote session to unveil three tell-tale signs it’s time to move on.

Speaker: Deadra Welcome, Founder and Principal Consultant, Concerning Learning, LLC.

Advocating for Yourself During Change

With a presidential election looming on the horizon, stress and anxiety about an Administration change is likely to creep in. How will your work change? What will priorities be? This keynote session will focus on not only how to get through periods of change, but how to come out on the other side a stronger employee.

Speaker: Emily Oehler, Career Coach and Director, Guidehouse

1:30-1:45 PM ET/10:30-10:45 AM PT – Break

1:45-2:45 PM ET/10:45-11:45 AM PT – Breakout Session Round 2 (1 CPE Credit):

Mentoring and Coaching: How to Make It Impactful

The best mentoring relationships can have an invaluable impact on your career. But what does this look like in reality? How can you find an appropriate mentor or coach, and how can you make your interactions meaningful? We’ll cover qualities to look for in a mentor and ways to deepen your relationship to get the professional guidance you need.

Key Takeaway: You will walk away knowing what to look for in a mentor and best practices for making it a meaningful relationship.

ECQ 1: Leading Change

Speaker: Demitrius Parker, Founder, Trust Leadership Collective

Reverse Engineer Your Career: Map Where You Want to Go

What do your career goals look like five or 10 years from now? Are you in a different role, organization or field? In this breakout session, you’ll learn how to set long-term goals and work backward from them, creating an effective career plan for the future.

Key Takeaway: You’ll learn how to define your future career goals and how to create a plan to achieve them.

ECQ 4: Business Acumen

Speaker: LeAnn Oliver, Director, Corporate Business Systems, Officer of the Chief Financial Officer, U.S. Department of Energy

How to Lead Without the Title

You’re strategic, thoughtful and dedicated – but you don’t have a leadership title. How can you demonstrate influence among your peers? This breakout session will explore how to flex your leadership and peer delegation skills even without a senior title.

Key Takeaway: You will gain practical knowledge about how to influence and collaborate with your peers without the authority of a senior title.

ECQ 2: Leading People

Speaker: Elvia Rodriguez, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Putting DEIA Into Practice – Even if You Aren’t a Manager

Diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) is a practice that needs support from all levels of your organization, not just those in management positions. Learn how to champion DEIA efforts at your agency, no matter your role.

Key Takeaway: This breakout session will explore the ways in which you can be a DEIA advocate.

ECQ 5: Building Coalitions

Speaker: Adriana Rojas, Founder and IDEA Principal Consultant, Social Justice Works, LLC.

Customer Experience Is Everyone’s Job (And Why It Can Help Your Career)

Do you consider yourself a CX professional? Why or why not? The truth is, every government employee should think of themselves as a customer experience expert. This breakout session will feature a CX thought leader who will share why this skillset is crucial for public servants looking to advance their careers.

Key Takeaway: You’ll learn why customer experience is a critical skill for all public servants and how to incorporate it into your daily work.

ECQ 3: Results Driven

Speaker: Natasha Porter, Enterprise Data Management Division Chief, Defense Logistics Agency

Top 10 Actions Toward Financial Wellness

Managing your day-to-day finances while making steady progress toward goals shouldn’t be an ordeal. In this session, you’ll hear from a financial wellness partner at WAEPA, as he discusses how to take a simplified approach to personal financial planning. He will lay out clearly defined, actionable steps that you can easily fit into your busy life.

Key Takeaway: Gain insights on how to manage spending, pay off debt, strengthen your credit, build a retirement nest egg, and more.

Speaker: Dan Eck, Managing Partner, EY Personal Finance, Ernst & Young, LLC.

2:45-3 PM ET/11:45 AM-12 PM PT – Break

3-4 PM ET/12-1 PM PT – Closing Keynote Session (1 CPE Credit):

Why Public Service Matters – Lean Into the Mission

If you’ve ever experienced burnout, work fatigue or lost sight of what drives you in your public service career, it’s time to reset and focus on the mission. In this inspiring closing keynote session, you’ll hear from a government thought leader about how to dig deep and let mission be the guiding force for making your career in government matter.

Speaker: Renee Wynn, Former Chief Information Officer, NASA

Let’s Grab a Coffee: How to Network

Who knew coffee could be such a powerful networking tool? Even tea lovers should take note: Meeting for coffee and focusing on your individual relationships can make all the difference in helping you land that next role or learn more about a field you want to be in. Join us for this closing keynote session to learn all the tips and tricks for effective networking.

Speaker: Demitrius Parker, Founder, Trust Leadership Collective



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