Testimonials – Why Attend

Better than Ever

I had a great time and went back to my agency (Social Security) with several good ideas. I came once before and I found it to be more career-focused this year. Great speakers & outstanding breakout sessions — once again a phenomenal event!

NextGen is a Movement

Today was the first day of the Next Generation of Training Summit. I will let you imagine the level of energy and passion that collide when over 800 of remarkable government leaders come together. NextGen is a movement. It’s about inspiring government innovation. It’s about providing training and leadership opportunities to people new in government. […]

Loved the Keynote Speakers

It was a great and inspirational experience. Such a great opportunity to strengthen our skills while networking with people from other agencies. I loved the key note speakers in particular Sue Gordon’s speech. –Employee, Social Security Administration

An Empowering Experience

As the end of the summit draws closer, I have to give a big shout out to the #nextgengov organizers for putting this together. The speakers you have selected and the process you have gone through that is not an easy feat to ensure there is something for everyone deserves an elevated amount of kudos. […]

Great First Experience!

This is my first summit and airport have to say, I am learning an abundance of new things to take back to Colorado that will be helpful in deciding my next career move. Bravo to the organizers! — State of Colorado Public Health

Something for Everyone

My department sent 8 staff members to the Next Gen summit this year. Across the board, they reported that they felt the summit was really well done. They are all at very different stages in their federal careers (some on the job less than a year, others on the job for over 8 year), so […]

This 2-Day Training Summit is Amazing

“You’d have to attend about 7 weeks of training to attempt to get the best practices you can dive into here – categorized by where you are in your career, ECQs, and the latest and greatest in leadership and key skills. “

Leverage Your Peers

“I discovered where I fit in, right next to 600+ like-minded Generation X and Y government employees with a common goal to make government better.”

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“A new movement is shaking up the federal bureaucracy, as an expanding pool of idealistic, results-oriented Gen X and Yers challenges the predictability and authority-driven rules of the World War II generation and the pay-your-dues baby boomers who followed.”