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Employee Engagement: What Successful Government Leaders Do

What do government supervisors say they do when they want to motivate staff members? Okay, I didn’t ask ALL government supervisors, only about 50 from a variety of departments and agencies. First, what is the cost of poor and good engagement? Gallup states that poor engagement has resulted in “70 percent of American workers “actively […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Accountability

By Lekshmy Sankar Recently, a friend of mine was telling me a story of how she is teaching her daughter to be accountable for her actions, and I thought, “What a novel idea. Why don’t we all do that?” It made me think of a previous job that I had. I had a boss who […]

What’s the Influence of Social Media on Your Work?

By Lekshmy Sankar Social media – what a beautiful concept. It helps you connect with people around the world and express your views and feelings. For all of its potentially positive impacts, have you ever thought about how it is affecting how you behave at work? By now, we have all heard of the cautionary […]

5 Ways You Can Manage Low Pay

Millennials have been called the cheapest generation. But with the recent economic recession, tremendous student debt, and an increase in urban migration, the truth of the matter is we’re a broke generation. It’s great that millennials are ready to roll up our sleeves and make a difference through public service. But it can be especially difficult navigating unpaid internships, entry-level […]

Achieving Equity in the Workplace

By Lekshmy Sankar With all the conversations going on right now about pay gaps and equal rights in the news, I have been thinking a lot about equity in the workplace – specifically, how to make sure leaders consider equity. Many times, we believe that being fair and treating others equally is being a good […]

Growth Takes Courage. Frame Your Learning Culture

We are always learning, but not always fostering our learning culture. If you have people, you have a learning culture. By our nature we observe, reflect, and adapt. It is happening all of the time, it is part of how we are wired. Understanding this–harnessing it into an intentional learning culture–is taking it to another level. Highly effective organizations […]

Can Introverts Be Leaders? It’s about Self-Awareness

The other day a colleague asked me if I thought extroverts had a special advantage in terms of leadership opportunities. I reflected briefly and responded, “no.” Many of the leaders I’ve known over the years have been introverts. And I’ve known many strong extroverts who have struggled to advance to leadership positions. I asked my […]

The Impact of Attitude on Workplace Efficiency and Morale

As a recent retiree of the federal workforce, I was impressed with the dedication and patriotism of those I worked with in the conduct of their particular mission or function. Every day the men and women that comprise our Civil Service conduct a cadre of activities and functions that sustain the democratic essence of our […]

How to Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Management Style

There is a current phenomenon across the country and in business regarding a technique to relieve stress called “mindfulness.” I am addressing this topic because it is popular and has benefits in the workplace. I should be frank and disclose that I have seen many movements come and go concerning work and how to best […]

Humility in Leadership: Attaining Mightiness

The other day, a colleague asked me what I considered the most important quality of an effective leader. My immediate response was, “humility.” My colleague was incredulous. “Humility?! Really?! That’s the last word I would use to describe the leaders I know.” I asked, “Were these real leaders, or simply leaders by virtue of their professional […]

An Easy Way to Get the Best Career Advice

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch’s was famous for asking his constituents, “How’m I doing?” Koch’s signature question showed that sometimes the best way to find out how you’re coming across to other people is simply to ask other people how you’re coming across to them. Some variations of Koch’s strategy for soliciting feedback […]

Love Your Dissenters: Achieving Innovation in Disagreement

We all spend a lot of time in our heads, and our internal narrative is mostly self-affirming. It’s human nature to fall in love with our own thinking and to assume it’s right on target. It’s not so common, but very useful, to challenge our thoughts, perceptions and conclusions from time to time. When people […]