2022 Agenda

NextGen Government Training Summit – May 11, 2022
Getting Ahead in Gov

10-11 AM ET – Opening Keynotes

How to Become a Person of Influence – Without Burning Out

Living in the Gray – How to Make Plans in an Uncertain World

11-11:15 AM ET – Break

11:15 AM-12:15 PM ET – Breakout Round 1 (Please plan to attend one of the following five sessions):

How to Identify and Amplify Your Strengths

How to Be a Leader When You’re Not a Manager

Navigating Career Advancement as a Woman and/or Person of Color

How to Use Data to Tell a Story

Govpreneurship – How to Bring New Ideas to the Table

12:15-12:30 PM ET – Break

12:30-1:30 PM ET – Lunch Keynotes

Creativity + Productivity – How to Get Your Work Done and Still Be Innovative

Everyone Talks – Learn How to Communicate Effectively

1:30-1:45 PM ET – Break

1:45-2:45 PM ET – Breakout Round 2 (Please plan to attend one of the following five sessions):

How to Run and Participate in Effective Hybrid Meetings

Make the Most of Your Work Day – Time Management Tips and Tricks Revealed

How Do I Manage My Peers? Effective Conflict Resolution

Using Imposter Syndrome to Your Benefit

Craft Your Individual Development Plan and Get to the Next Level in Your Career

2:45-3 PM ET – Break

3-4 PM ET – Closing Keynotes:

Confront and Clear Out Unconcious Bias in the Workplace

How to Network in a Hybrid World