Peer Delegation: How Do I Manage My Peers?

1-Hour Breakout Session
Wednesday, May 11 from 11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. ET
ECQ 2: Leading People
Attendees Can Earn 1 CPE Credit

What happens when you’re a project lead but you don’t have any formal authority over the individuals on your team? Leading your peers requires a different skill set than leading team members or managing stakeholders.  To succeed as a project lead, you need to build alliances. Managing your peers is all about setting specific and strategic standards and expectations, maintaining transparency, and defining and documenting metrics of success.

Key Takeaways: In this interactive session, you’ll learn best practices for developing a peer management strategy, effective communication protocols and how to set boundaries and timelines.

Relevant Competencies: Resilience, Flexibility, External Awareness, Problem Solving


Carolyn Mooney, Instructional Designer, Founder of Enough LLC

Carolyn is the owner and coach of Enough, LLC. She has over 18 years of experience in Federal Background Investigations, training, leadership development, mentoring, and coaching. By combining these knowledge, skills and abilities, Carolyn has become a great listener, problem solver, and guide. Carolyn knows the questions to ask in order to help clients uncover what lies within them and help them discover and plan out their next steps towards success.  Carolyn loves working with people to help them unleash the power they possess and help them become who they were meant to be.