Brains Behind NextGen

The NextGen Summit brings together government employees eager to make positive change happen in their career and their government. The schedule and speakers that take shape at the summit are often amazing and are never selected by accident. Since the beginning of NextGen, in 2010, there has always been a group of people carefully considering each session and speaker presented […]

Project Management Online Training

NextGen strives to enhance the education and abilities of our nation’s generation X and Y leaders in government. We realize training comes in many sizes, so we’ve put together a free online training series that will jump-start your NextGen training. Keep in mind, these online trainings only provide you a small glimpse of what you will learn at the two-day […]

What will your 2015 book say?

It’s a brand new year, which means you get 365 new sheets of paper in your 2015 book – what are you filling it with?

If you plan to grow your career and become a better government employee – then NextGen should be reserved on pages 201 and 202 of your 2015 book.