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Project Management Online Training

Project Management Online Training

NextGen strives to enhance the education and abilities of our nation’s generation X and Y leaders in government. We realize training comes in many sizes, so we’ve put together a free online training series that will jump-start your NextGen training.

Keep in mind, these online trainings only provide you a small glimpse of what you will learn at the two-day NextGen summit. Nothing can replace the in-person collaboration, networking and atmosphere of NextGen; but we can try!

Don’t miss the upcoming “20 Project Management Tips to Live By” online training – click here to register.

20 Project Management Tips to Live By
Date: Tuesday, February 10
Time: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET

In reality, everyone practices project management.You may not have a PMP certificate. You may not know what PMBOK is. But as a leader in government, you are undoubtedly helping to deliver quality projects, on time, with limited resources, and making an impact.

Join us for a free online training, where we will provide 20 great project management tips to help you do your job better. You’ll find answers to questions like:

  • How do you manage people that don’t report to you?
  • How do you over-communicate? When to apply various channels (in-person, email meeting vs 1-on-1).
  • How do you manage scope and complexity in your project when people (including your superiors) are sharing new ideas every day?
  • How do you keep a project on track for completion when other divisions you are depending on are ignoring you?


Chaeny Emanavin, Digital Program Manager, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Chaeny Emanavinhas worked in the federal government as a contractor and federal employee since 2000. His passion is finding innovations to make work more efficient, productive and enjoyable. As a developer and project manager, he leads development teams throughout the entire process of finding problems, then brainstorming, building, delivering and training staff on those solutions.

He studied human-computer interaction as an undergraduate at Stanford University. He studies usability and security methodologies in graduate school at Georgetown University. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife, three children and dog.

Catherine Andrews, Director of Content, GovLoop
Catherine Andrews is the Director of Content at GovLoop, the knowledge network for government, where she works to develop guides, blog posts, and other resources for government workers. Previous to GovLoop, she was the Director of Digital Content at Home Front Communications, working with clients from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to the Huffington Post on social media strategy. She’s also served as the Editorial Director of, and was a member of the team that launched’s iReport section. Catherine received her master’s in online journalism from Northwestern University and her bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia. She lives in the Eckington neighborhood of Washington, D.C., where she spends her free time running, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

This free training is part of the NextGen online training series. Read more about archived trainings, upcoming free opportunities and the annual Next Generation of Government Training Summit.