Lessons Learned: Understanding How to Be a Mentor

No matter your career level, there are always opportunities to be a good mentor. I stress the word good because it’s important to take the role seriously. After all, someone thought highly of you and asked you to be their mentor. I offer the following recommendations: You’re not perfect. You have spent a considerable amount of time on your education and skill […]

How Conflict Can Be Good for Your Team

Conflict is inevitable. Organizations are built for conflict. Equally true is that by effectively managing conflict, you can lead your team to better collaboration and performance. If you were asked to define conflict, what would you say? Most people would say something along the lines of “differences of positions,” “we don’t see it the same,” “disagreement on an issue,” etc. Misunderstanding or […]

How to Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Management Style

There is a current phenomenon across the country and in business regarding a technique to relieve stress called “mindfulness.” I am addressing this topic because it is popular and has benefits in the workplace. I should be frank and disclose that I have seen many movements come and go concerning work and how to best conduct it but I think […]

Love Your Dissenters: Achieving Innovation in Disagreement

We all spend a lot of time in our heads, and our internal narrative is mostly self-affirming. It’s human nature to fall in love with our own thinking and to assume it’s right on target. It’s not so common, but very useful, to challenge our thoughts, perceptions and conclusions from time to time. When people disagree with us, we feel […]

Which Sessions Will You Attend?

We just released this year’s schedule and wanted to highlight a few of the sessions we’re excited for this year. Each session ties into an Office of Personnel Management Executive Core Qualification (ECQs).