Which Sessions Will You Attend?

What’s the quickest way to advance your leadership, project management and communication skills? A good place to start is a training conference, but finding one tailored towards the unique challenges faced in government is not easy. Though fear not, they do exist.

The Next Generation of Government Training Summit, cohosted by Young Government Leaders and GovLoop, is crafted to build vital skills public servants in all functions need to stay and advance their government careers.

We just released this year’s schedule and wanted to highlight a few of the sessions we’re excited for this year. Each session ties into an Office of Personnel Management Executive Core Qualification (ECQs).

Personal Resilience – How to Make Yourself Indestructible – ECQ 1: Leading Change
Sometimes in life, and in your career, things don’t go as planned. You might not like your boss, your project or maybe even an executive action. This is when you must rely on your personal resilience and your ability to roll with the punches. This session will focus on giving you the resources you need to make a bounce back.

How to Communicate Effectively Across Personality Types – ECQ2: Leading People
Government employees come from all different walks of life and as a result, have unique communications styles. So how do you communicate effectively across various personality types? We’ll break down how to overcome communication barriers and include everyone in the conversation.

I’m a Career, You’re a Political – Team Building – ECQ 3: Results Driven
For many government workers, this year’s presidential transition is the first one they’ve been through. They key to thriving is figuring out how to effectively work with the new political appointees and vice versa. In this session, we will look at bridging the gap between political and career employees.

Government Ethics – Are You Out of Line? – ECQ 4: Biz Acumen
Gov has a lot of rules surrounding what employees can and can’t do but there’s still some uncertainty and not everything is black and white. In this Jeopardy-style session, we’ll quiz you on the ethics of government employees.

Why You Need a Mentor, Coach, and Sponsor – And How to Get One – ECQ 5: Build Coalitions
The number one reason people get ahead in their careers is because someone helped them out. Mentors, coaches and sponsors are personally invested in your career and want to help you succeed. In this session, we’ll give you the tools to not only seek a mentor, coach, or sponsor, but create lasting partnerships.

This is just a taste of the 30 breakout sessions and great content you’ll get at Next Generation of Government Training Summit, taking place July 27-28, 2017 in Washington, D.C.. To see the full agenda, visit nextgengovt.com/schedule.