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Share Stories at the Next Generation of Government Training Summit

Share Stories at the Next Generation of Government Training Summit

Believe it or not, the Next Generation of Government Training Summit will be here in no time. This annual summit, taking place July 27-28 in Washington, D.C. brings together the government community to celebrate their work and give future and present government leaders a platform to learn, share, and grow.

One of the highlights each year are the amazing speakers who share inspirational stories and insights on real-govie issues and their innovative solutions.  Some bring laughs and others bring tears, but they always leave the audience feeling uplifted and proud to be a public servant.

The official call for speakers for this year’s summit is now open, so it’s time to start thinking about who you’d like to see up on stage whether it’s you or another inspiring govie.

Here are some attributes we look for in a speaker:

  • Actionable – The audience wants to walk away with practical takeaways that they can easily start implementing at their agency.
  • Passionate – Govies do great work; we want to know the reason why you decided to become a public servant and why you enjoy the work you do.
  • Goal-oriented – We love a good speaker that sets out to achieve a mission oriented goal and can re-tell the tactics they used to get there, and how they measured success after the fact.
  • Mindful of the audience – The NextGen audience is made of millennials and managers in government. We want to feature content that will appeal to both these groups.
  • Not a salesman – This is not the time to get on stage and self-promote. Any content provided must be knowledgeable. We want to inform, not sell.

Know anyone who meets the criteria? Or maybe you’re feeling up for the challenge yourself? If so, we’d love for you to submit an application now.

If you still need some clarification on what we’re looking for, watch last year’s session and check out some of the previous NextGen Award recipients.