Here’s What Govies Love About NextGen

Here’s What Govies Love About NextGen

You’ve probably heard about the Next Generation of Government Training Summit taking place this summer on August 1st and 2nd. But have you heard what past attendees are saying about their experiences at the summit? Trust us, if you’re interested in attending the summit this year (and you should be!), these testimonials will be music to your ears:

“This 2-day training summit is amazing – you would have to attend about 7 weeks of training to attempt to get the best practices you can dive into here – categorized by where you are in your career, ECQs, and the latest and greatest in leadership and key skills.

There are so many speakers, books, resources, and being around 700 highly motivated government workers is great. I’ve gone the last two years and it has been a super career power up. In fact, on Monday I’m starting at NASA on a four-month detail with someone I met at this summit! So if I hadn’t gone to this, I would be doing something else next Monday …
I highly recommend this refreshing training.”
— Liz, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

“NextGen was more than just a training summit; NextGen is where I not only rediscovered my passion for public service but also had that “Aha moment”. I realized that I also have a role to play in not only improving my agency but also improving the public’s perception of the federal workforce. If we want to change the perception of federal employees, “we must become evangelicals for public service” was by far one of the most important lessons I learned at NextGen.”
— Rachel, Federal Government Employee

“I discovered where I fit in, right next to 700+ like-minded generation X and Y government employees with a common goal to make government better. The sessions and speakers were educational and inspiring, the atmosphere infectious and transforming.”
— Mike, Federal Government Employee & President, YGL Los Angeles

“The NextGen Training Summit truly changed my life. The speakers were incredibly inspiring and I felt as though they were talking directly to me. During one of the sessions, the panelists discussed that it is not always about climbing the ladder, but rather smartly mapping out your future.”
— Emily, Federal Government Employee

It’s safe to say our summit attendees are finding great value in the event. We want each attendee to get the most out of NextGen, which means providing you with an insightful, educational and enriching experience. You can read even more testimonials or check out this year’s jam-packed agenda. We’re looking forward to seeing you in August!