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Call For Topics 2014 NextGen

Call For Topics 2014 NextGen

Each year, we compile topics and session ideas from the next generation of government and their supervisors to ensure we are providing the correct and adequate training needed to make government better.

What topic or session ideas do you have?
What do you need to learn to make you better at your job?
What tools do you need to help you grow in your government career?

After all, when you think of attending an event you often wonder “what’s it about”, “is it worth my time?”, “who else is going?”. So, let’s cut to the chase — all of this is up to you!

You’re in the driver’s seat and are being offered the opportunity to make NextGen the ideal answers for all of these questions.

1 – Tell us what sessions you want.
Really, we want to know. We strive to make NextGen for NextGen, by NextGen. So let us know what you want to learn about. Simply fill out the form below and we will insert your ideas into the agenda!

2 – Want to speak, tell us what you’d like to speak about.
You have something people can learn, tell us what it is! We can get you on the agenda.

3 – Bring your friends and host a session together.
Knowing who is attending is easy when you’re attending with them. Want to host a session with your boss, colleagues or friends – tell us what about and we’ll hook you up.

Really, it’s simple. Fill out the form below and tell us what you want to learn, if you want to speak or have any other ideas that will make NextGen great!

Also, provide us with your address and we can send you some of our NextGen book collection.