Vi Duong

Vi serves as a Contract Specialist at the General Services Administration, Federal Systems Integration and Management Center (FEDSIM). As a contract specialist, Vi is responsible for overseeing contract procurement and ensuring that contracts always comply with acquisition regulations and policies.

Vi is a self-motivator, hard worker and efficient. She makes sure that all her projects and tasks get done in a timely manner; and is always willing to lend a set of hands to her colleagues to get the job done. During her tenure, FEDSIM needed to test a new process conducting cost analysis. However, testing and codifying the new streamlined process would take a significant amount of time and resources. Vi took it upon herself to conduct the cost analysis using the new process. Under her leadership, a team of contract specialists worked on the project ultimately saving the Government money and her team more than two months in the pre-awards process.

She also trained other FEDSIM Contract Specialists in the new process so that they could execute their own projects. Vi is also significantly invested in the professional development of her colleagues. She initiates and volunteers to design and develop training programs like FEDSIM University courses, brown bags, and guides that result in strengthening the FEDSIM organization. Her enthusiasm and collaborative personality creates cohesive working relationships with team members and Clients.