The Power of Storytelling

One of my friends was talking me through a presentation that he is putting together for PowerBI. He shared a story of how he is using data to influence decisions. It was stunning. In contrast, how many times have we sat in a presentation where it feels like Death By Powerpoint? This is the power of storytelling. Storytelling is so […]

Successfully Leading Through Transitions

In your lifetime, you will go through dozens of transitions. Whether you relocate for a job, get a promotion, move to a different team or organization, or get a new boss, we all have to navigate transitions. As a leader, successfully leading through transitions can make or break your career and will most definitely influence how happy you are. During […]

Unveiling the NextGen Public Service Award Finalists

It’s time to roll out the red carpet, because the NextGen Public Service Award Finalists have just been named! Each year, our NextGen Public Service Awards recognize public servants who have gone above and beyond to serve their communities and organizations. This year, over 400 public servants were nominated by their peers. A selection committee of current and former government employees whittled […]

Professional Development: How to Get the “Yes”

We all know the runaround associated with getting a manager’s approval to attend an in-person professional development training or event. You find a training that meets your needs, check out the details, put a good argument together why it’ll benefit you and your team, send it all over in an email and then…you wait. The best case scenario is that […]

Is Your Leadership Conversational Style Keeping up?

I asked well over a 100 federal workers what kinds of leadership skills are needed today. Overwhelmingly, they stated leaders today need the ability to communicate, actively listen, create a vision, build trust, be flexible, collaborate with others, trust others, be accountable, lead with heart and mind, coach others and demonstrate competence. Since times are changing, this begs the question, […]