When to Stand Tall, And When to Stand Down

3-4 PM ET/12-1 PM PT – Closing Keynote Session

Let’s face it, you can’t win every argument. You won’t get every job. Not every single one of your ideas is going to be embraced. And you would drive yourself crazy if you went to the mat for every single initiative. So, the question becomes where do you draw the line and how do you know which efforts are going to have the biggest impact in your career? In this keynote, you will learn about when to go for it and when to back down from a fight.


A bank vice president moonlighting as an NFL referee makes a Monday Night Football game-deciding call that would be known as the worst call in NFL History. To some, the call was controversial; to others, it was worth threatening Lance Easley’s life. Whether you’re defending a controversial call on the Today Show or making difficult decisions at work, how can we be prepared to make the right call?

Growing up in Southern California, Lance “the Bronco” Easley was an athlete who excelled across the board. An injury led to Lance’s sports career and Marine Corps service quickly halting. But throughout Lance’s many ventures, he continued to shine and thrive with his “win mentality.” Lance Easley shares the story of dealing with infamy. His awe-inspiring talk is built on principles of preparation, handling crises, and reeling reactions. When you have to defend your call, will you fold under pressure or hold a strong foundation?