Positively Negative

Keynote Session
Wednesday, Sept. 21 from 10-11 a.m. ET
Attendees Can Earn 1 CPE Credit

Being able to articulate your thoughts and solutions clearly is a critical skill for anyone looking to make it in the corporate world. However, those who know how to articulate unpleasant messages when interacting with their senior management are the ones that stand out and win in the work world.

In this keynote, you will learn the mindset and techniques needed to be seen as someone with solutions, suggestions and recommendations while avoiding becoming that hostile, whining complainer, company leaders remember for the wrong reasons. Mastering being positively negative has been proven time after time to make all the difference.


Stephen Krempl, CEO, Krempl Communications International

Stephen Krempl is CEO of Krempl Communications International, corporate communications coach, international keynote speaker, global trainer, and bestselling author. He has worked with thousands of leaders in over 30+ countries. He is an expert on how leaders can stand out and get noticed in their corporations, even in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. He is the creator of the Global Executive Mindset (GEM) and Winning in the Work World (W3) programs.

He delivers his Global Executive Mindset (GEM) programs online, virtually, and in person. These interventions focus on developing high potential and future leaders, especially minorities, to get noticed by senior management in their organizations. He is now spreading this GEM and 5% message to universities, enabling students to understand what is expected of them and through an online curriculum called Winning in the Work World. For more information, go to www.winningintheworkworld.com and www.kremplcommunications.com.

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