Peering Into the Future – What Skills Do You Need to Get Ahead?

10-11 AM ET – Opening Keynote Session

New technologies, policies and strategies pop up every single day, which means keeping your skillsets up to date can feel impossible. Should you invest your time in learning artificial intelligence, network optimization, procurement models or maybe even communication best practices for a hybrid world? In this keynote, you will hear what skillsets should be on the top of your list.


At the forefront of change, leadership, and communication, you will find Sarah C. Moffat: An award-winning strategic innovator, engaging speaker, and organizational leader whose passion for communications and storytelling is tangible from the moment you meet her.Applying her real – life experiences, she conveys how people and organizations can create opportunities for success and growth through impactful communication and leadership. She provides guidance and direction to senior – level executive leaders to support major change projects, communication, and collaboration initiatives.

Moffat is a leadership coach, author of the book “Motivated Mornings,” and has been a featured keynote speaker and pane list across the US and beyond. She also founded the organization Leading Ladies, which seeks to empower women into expended leadership roles. Moffat is Prosci® certified and holds a B.S. in Psychology from Regent University and an M.S. in Management and Leadership fromWestern Governors University.

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