Overworked and Burned Out: Do’s and Don’ts for a Better Work-Life Balance

10-11 AM ET – Opening Keynote Session

It may sound trite, but you can’t do it all. Still, we bust our butts trying to. So, how do you find a better balance? How do you do enough to get your priorities done but not so much that you end every day more burned out than the day before? In this keynote, you will hear do’s and don’ts for achieving better work-life balance.


An award-winning certified leadership coach, organizational strategist and political well-being pioneer, Frieda works with civic-minded leaders, teams and organizations at the highest levels through strategic changes in service to society.

For close to 20 years, I’ve refined and implemented an effective approach to change that blends the neurosciences and behavioral sciences with best practices from political intelligence, organizational psychology, authentic leadership, management effectiveness, wellness and elite athletics to optimize performance whilst cultivating well-being. I’ve worked on more than 250 civic change initiatives in five continents and with more than 2,000 emergent to veteran civic-minded leaders – including C-Suite campaign operatives, business and nonprofit executives, US secretaries and ministers of Parliament – through the complex, adaptive worlds of team, organizational and social change.

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