Nothing Stays the Same: How to Embrace, Not Fight, Change

12:30-1:30 PM ET – Lunch Keynote Session

Change. Blurg. Gulp. Ew. Listen, we all like to pay lip service to change around the New Year or when we feel stuck. But change is hard. Like really hard. And it’s even harder when you aren’t in control of the change itself. New manager? New priorities? Another round of COVID? In this keynote, you will hear strategies for dealing with change when it happens, preparing to better embrace change and finding ways to thrive through transitions.


High-energy, thought-provoking and humorous speaker, trainer and consultant on motivational leadership and communication. John Verrico is the former President of the National Association of Government Communicators, and has more than 40 years of experience as a public affairs professional in federal and state government agencies, working extensively in media, community and employee relations, with significant emphasis in science, engineering and the security fields.

A retired Navy Master Chief Journalist, John also worked as a freelance journalist, stand-up comic, janitor, electronics technician, theater performer, small-business consultant, and disco dance instructor, among other fields. He learned not to take life too seriously and to experience everything life has to offer. As an under-sized youth and victim of bullies, John found hope in classic monster movies & “B” flicks where he learned that the little guy could win. Drawing from these lessons, today, John is an edutainer who helps empower villagers to keep their torches lit and keep their monsters at bay.

John’s humorous and interactive keynotes and workshops engage audiences as they discover helpful insights into office climate, culture, relationships & communications. He earned a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Norwich University and a Bachelor’s in communication from the University of the State of New York. John’s spare time is devoted to occasional cruise vacations, bad-movie parties, and collecting classic monster movies and memorabilia, which he displays in his bizarre version of a man cave.