See What All the Buzz is About – NextGen Leadership Program

See What All the Buzz is About – NextGen Leadership Program

For the past seven years, GovLoop has run our NextGen Leadership Program. The six-month program is designed to help government employees unlock their leadership potential to get to the next step in their careers.

In order to achieve that goal, govies are paired with a mentor, participate in multiple online trainings on everything fromthe  StrengthsFinders Assessment to Personal Resiliency and attend our in-person conference, the Next Generation of Government Training Summit. But don’t just take it from us, hear what someone from the 2017 cohort had to say:

The whole experience caused me to pause, consider and reevaluate. All which resulted in growth and insight for me. It re-energized my work and me.

One of the reasons the program has been so successful is because the trainings provide the resources and information govies need to do their jobs more effectively, which ultimately helps them become better leaders.

“The program gave me a different perspective on situations and it gave me better tools to use in my work life and personal life,” said one past attendee.

Another mentioned, “I was given tools to help me approach my work in a different way, overcoming obstacles and improving outcomes.

Past participants in particular enjoyed the mindful leadership session, which focused on taking a few minutes out of each day to reflect, calm and align your thoughts in the right direction. One attendee noted, “The Mindful Leadership training was completely beneficial. I saw myself and started using some of the tools immediately.”

And for some, the program took on a bigger meaning:

To be honest, I’ve been searching for reasons to stay motivated as a public servant. To me it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to enjoy being a federal employee. But with the elements of the program, I believe that it impacted my work in a positive aspect. I became more confident, I went outside my comfort zone, I took charge in my life.

If you are interested in learning more about our program, you can check out our information page here. And believe us, we put our attendees first. Like one 2017 attendee asked us to do, “Keep up the personal service you gave to all of us… it makes us feel part of something rather than as just ‘paying customers.’”

Originally posted on GovLoop by Emily Jarvis.