Becoming a Better Person

Becoming a Better Person

If your New Year’s resolutions didn’t work out, never fear: You’re getting a second chance. This is the official introduction of summer resolutions, an opportunity to live your best possible life during the best months of the year. Check out the suggestions below, come up with your own, and take some time this summer to focus on your personal and professional well-being. Use these tips to stay energized, motivated and focused at work and at home.

  1. Take Advantage of Daylight Savings Time

A longer evening means more time to pursue your interests outside of work. Whether it’s a sport, a hobby, or simply a walk, utilizing the warmer weather and longer daylight to stay active can have significant benefits. For most people, working in an office means extended periods of sitting, and adding some exercise to your daily routine can improve cognitive function and increase energy levels.

  1. Use Your Vacation Days

Study after study suggests that taking regular vacation time actually boosts productivity, in addition to lowering stress levels and improving mental health. Though many people are uncomfortable taking extended personal time, it has the potential to make one a more effective employee, and, just as importantly, a happier and healthier person.

  1. Start a New Project

Summer can tend to be a slower season work-wise, with colleagues out of the office and the heat making people sluggish. This is the perfect opportunity to start on something that you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t found the time for. If you’ve been meaning to revamp a website or spruce up the break room, take advantage of the summer to get started.

  1. Get Together With Your Coworkers

Barbecue, cornhole or tubing — all of these are summer activities that can easily be turned into team bonding. Even something simpler like a happy hour can be a great opportunity to get to know one’s coworkers better and build rapport that isn’t based around work. If you’re in a managerial role, scheduling an after-work get-together is a no-brainer.

The start of summer is a great chance to take stock of your situation and decide if there’s anything you’d like to change. Whether you’re looking to take on something new at work or simply take better care of yourself, making a summer resolution or two can set you on the path to continued success!

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This post was originally posted on GovLoop.com.