5 Awesome Sessions You Need to Attend at NextGen 2018

5 Awesome Sessions You Need to Attend at NextGen 2018

We just released this year’s schedule for the Next Generation of Government Training Summit, which is taking place in Washington, D.C. on August 9-10, 2018. This year’s agenda will cover tons of different topics and trends relevant to government employees like you.

We highlighted five sessions to help you get a clear idea of some of the awesome topics being offered at NextGen this year. Each session is tied to OPM Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs)and offers continuing professional education (CPE) credits.

Be sure to keep an eye out for agenda updates – we’ll be adding speakers and sessions over the coming months!

  1. How to Deal with an Unmotivated Team

Remember working on a group project in school and pulling all the weight? You might have thought that’d be over in the workplace, but sometimes history repeats itself. This session will cover strategies for dealing with difficult coworkers and how to motivate them to do their part.

  1. How to Build Great Relationships

A positive social atmosphere is critical for a productive work environment, but creating lasting and useful relationships can be challenging. In this session, we’ll use interactive activities, self-assessments, and discussions to help better understand communication styles and how to interact with different personalities and work styles.

  1. Make Your Meetings Matter

Did you know that poorly run meetings are a multi-billion-dollar problem in U.S. organizations? That’s why it’s important to make them meaningful and impactful. This session will cover the basics for ensuring your meetings are positive, engaging, and efficient.

  1. Government Ethics

Government has a lot of rules surrounding what you can and cannot do as an employee. Do you know them all? In this Jeopardy-style session, we’ll quiz you on government ethics.

  1. Upping Your Political Savvy

Administration changes can often cause uncertainty, so navigating the political climate can be difficult. In this session, you’ll learn from government folks on how to master the art of political savviness.

You can take a look at the full agenda here, or better yet, get registered to attend before the registration rate increases on March 31!

If you’re planning to join us this year, let us know what session you’re most looking forward to by tweeting us @NextGenGov @YGLNational using #NextGenGov. If you have any questions, email us directly at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you at NextGen 2018!