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Cant Stop. Wont Stop.

Cant Stop. Wont Stop.

You’re a master of the Approval toolkit. You’ve asked, begged and pleaded to attend the summit. You keep getting the cold shoulder, a stern look or a guiltless no.

Don’t worry friend. Sign up to volunteer at the summit. You’ll have to go through a vetting process before you get the golden ticket to attend; but it won’t be nearly as rough as hearing your boss say no for the hundredth time.

Volunteer’s are expected to do most of these functions:
– Blog a session with helpful tips and notes for others to learn from.
– Provide directions during the breaks to where everything is happening next.
– Help people download their app and connect with peers.
– Lay-out materials for session set-up.
– Pick up materials for session clean-up.

To become a volunteer you must:
– Have asked to attend the summit and was denied funding.
– Be able to and willing to perform any and all of the tasks asked of you.
– Have a good attitude and ready to exude the energy of NextGen.
– Fill out the form below.

If you have any issues with the form, please send your contact information to Emily.