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Agencies – Send a Cohort, Reap the Rewards

Agencies – Send a Cohort, Reap the Rewards

Attend NextGen with your colleagues and enhance your experience. You can’t attend six breakout sessions at once; so come as a team and divide and conquer. Here are a number of key advantages to sending a cohort:


The more people immersed in the conversations, lessons being taught and network shared, the more information that can be relayed to your office and expanded upon in your day-to-day duties. By having a large group of people learning new ideas, the more they can come back to your agency with positive momentum to make real changes.


When people attend events, interact together and learn “inside jokes” the stronger the bond between them will become. With friends at work, people are more likely to enjoy their job and thus enhance overall job satisfaction. By going through an experience like NextGen together, members of the cohort will strengthen their bonds, which helps their working relationships, and allows them to get more done with more satisfaction in the office.


People enjoy attending NextGen; they get great training in a learning conducive atmosphere with passionate public servants. We’ve heard a few comments like “agency X must be awesome to work at, they sent so many people to NextGen”. By treating your leadership team and growing feds well, they are more likely to stay with your agency. They will also tell their friends how great it is to work at agency X…making you the agency of choice.

If you are interested in sending a group, please email the event director [email protected] for special group discounts.

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