Theodore (Ted) Kientz

Theodore (Ted) is the Branch Chief, C-IED/Asymmetric Warfare at the U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM). FORSCOM is the largest force provider in the US Army. In this role, Ted oversees programs that help with the delivery of training from individual and leader to large unit level culminating training events.

He also manages thousands of unique, non-standard equipment training sets worldwide. The US Military faced a challenge regarding how to approach training the critical battlefield skills utilized to mitigate the increasing and ever evolving global threats in a more collaborative, efficient, and holistic manner. Ted also identified the need to create a community of partners across all of our nation’s military services.

With Ted’s strategic vision, planning, innovation and team building efforts, the Global Threat Mitigation Program Task Order was created. This began an innovative and effective method to organize training efforts culminated as a partnership focused on protecting our Military’s servicemen and women.