Lynette Jamison

Lynette Jamison is an air traffic control senior policy specialist for the notice to airman system at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). For the past ten years, Lynette has managed the FAA National Mentor Program, which runs for six months each year and has helped grow and develop over 200 people in the FAA. With more than two decades of air traffic/flight service operational and management experience, Lynette Jamison is the Notice to Airmen policy writer, bringing NOTAMs closer to international standards.

She has worked in many positions within the FAA, providing a strong foundation of skills and knowledge. Positions include Quality Assurance and Training Specialist, Program Manager for the Aviation Safety Hotline and Management Program Analyst within the office of Air Traffic Safety Oversight.

Ms. Jamison supports and was a past-president of Professional Women Controllers (PWC); is the current Air Traffic Procedures Advisory Committee Chairman, and is a co-lead of the PWC National Mentor Program in Washington, DC.