2024 Summits
2024 Virtual Summit Details

2024 Virtual Summit Details

2024 will be the 15th year GovLoop has hosted the NextGen Government Training Summit and this year we’re thrilled to announce two dates! Registration is open to everyone and totally free:

Wednesday, May 15, 2024: NextGen Government Virtual Training Summit: Powering Your Public Service Career Forward [Registration Is Now Open!]

Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2024: NextGen Government Virtual Training Summit: Skill Sets for the Modern Government Employee [Registration Opens June 2024]

Will the Summit still be virtual?

Yes, we feel the safest option is to host the Summit virtually for both dates in 2024.

How will the agenda change by going virtual?

We will still offer keynote and breakout sessions that are aligned with OPM’s ECQs. Attendees will be able to earn up to five CPE credits for each Summit.

In addition to tuning in live to all sessions, every session during the NextGen Summit will also be made available on-demand! This means you can access the recordings for every single session – no more debating which sessions to attend. You’ll have access to the recordings whenever you want and can share them with colleagues.

Who should attend NextGen?

That depends on your experience level and what you’d like to get out of the Summits! With two options this year, here’s who should attend which date:

May 15, 2024- NextGen Government Training Summit: Powering Your Public Service Career Forward

If you’re just starting out in public service or have a few years of experience, you’ll want to attend the spring Summit. The agenda will be curated to offer you sessions focused on career planning, peer management, creating your personal brand, managing up and more. You’ll learn the concepts and fundamentals to build the career you want in public service. The agenda will also be mapped to OPM’s ECQs (learn more about those here). Register now.

Oct. 23, 2024 – NextGen Government Training Summit: Skill Sets for the Modern Government Employee

The second virtual summit will pivot from general professional development topics to a more focused view on the critical skills government employees need to succeed today We’re going to take a look at the wide variety of roles and functions in public service and identify the hard skill sets you need in order to get to the next level or lock in the promotion you’ve been eyeing. Registration opens June 2024.

Will I be able to network with other attendees?

Yes! We know this is an important part of the NextGen experience and we want to connect with you too! We are building out a robust online platform that can support virtual networking and chatting. Connecting government to improve government is the GovLoop mission and we will deliver on this at both of the virtual Summits.

Is there a cost to attend?

No, there is absolutely no cost to attend either of the NextGen Government Training Virtual Summits.

How can I show proof of attendance?

You will receive your CPE certificates via email a few weeks after the virtual events. We will mail each attendee a hard copy of your certificate of attendance for you to show off at your desk or add to your HR personnel file.

Are the NextGen Public Service Awards still happening this year?

Yes! Just because we won’t be able to honor and celebrate the award winners in person, doesn’t mean their work won’t be acknowledged! The NextGen Awards will follow a digital format. Stay tuned for news on this program in 2024.

Who will be speaking at the Virtual Summits?

We are working hard to bring some of our most popular speakers back to NextGen this year as well as recruiting some new faces! We will keep the NextGen community aware of speaker announcements and encourage you to keep an eye out for updates to the 2024 schedule.

Contact Info:

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We are committed to supporting your professional development and are here to help navigate the changes. Here are your go-to NextGen contacts:

Leah Anderson, NextGen Marketing Manager: [email protected] | (203) 623-6837

Blake Martin, NextGen Coordinator: [email protected] | (202) 919-4628 ext. 1137