Join Your Team at NextGen, Save Money!

Encourage Employee Morale and Team Unity at the Summit

14765441004_89b1c96a62_kSince the NextGen Summit was created more than ten years ago, government agencies at every level have recognized the Summit as a beneficial professional development opportunity, but also where government employees from the same agency can bond, team-build and increase morale.

Agencies that send groups of employees are taking a proactive step in showing an investment in their employees and their engagement in public service. The NextGen Summit creates a place for coworkers and colleagues to meet (virtually this year!) and achieve a common goal of professional development.

There are perks too! Agencies or government organizations that send five or more employees will get:

  • Discounted tickets: $35 off each individual registration rate.
  • Prioritized access to the most popular NextGen sessions and one-on-one career coaching appointments.
  • Meeting space for your group to meet while at NextGen for idea sharing and discussions.
  • Customized post-NextGen content, videos, and discussions to share internally.

To process your group registration, contact us for assistance and to get your promo code for the registration discount code: email [email protected] or phone (202) 919-4628 ext. 1137. You can then process each registration online or we can help over the phone.

Group Pricing = $35 off/per person. Click here for pricing schedule.