Get Out the Mic – Effective Public Speaking in Meetings, Virtual and More

11:15 AM-12:15 PM ET/8:15-9:15 AM PT – Breakout Session Round 1

Your heart is racing. Your breathing has become shallow and rapid. Your palms are sweaty. Your stomach hurts and you may even be shaking slightly. These physical symptoms can only mean one of two things: either you just had the realization that we are somehow already only three months away from the new year, or you’re about to do some public speaking. And while public speaking is often terrifying, it is also happening in so many different mediums today the opportunities are seemingly endless. Now you may be giving your pitch over Zoom. Or maybe even from the field over the phone. In this breakout session, our expert will share not only tips for relieving the fear around public speaking but provide practical advice for matching your public speaking approach to the medium.

Key Takeaway: From this session, you will learn how to embrace public speaking so that you can be your own advocate in your career.

Relevant Competencies: Results Driven


Amy Dix, an International Speaker, two-time No. 1 International Best-Selling Author, and Positive Psychology Practitioner, inspires others to live life on a different level, rooted in positivity and pure happiness. Her latest book, “SEVEN MORE DAYS: Live a Life That’s Bursting with Positivity and Happiness … Before It’s Too Late” became a bestseller in eight countries and eight categories. She now brings this message to the stage, creating a gripping experience of emotion, catapulting happiness, and challenging the chaos in today’s world.

Amy also reaches audiences in the digital marketing world. She is an innovative digital marketer, who believes that living in a social media society is the greatest era for connecting people for business growth. She is revolutionizing the branding and digital world. With over a decade of corporate management, operations, and franchise ownership, Amy has developed the ability to conceptualize and implement local and national marketing strategies for brands nationwide.

As a positive psychology practitioner, she understands the importance of mixing creativity and information with science to teach others how they can connect with their audience on a deep level. Dix has owned, operated, and sold brands throughout her time as an entrepreneur using the methods as outlined in her best-selling book, Brand New You.

Amy also brings this message to the stage mesmerizing audiences across the nation. She runs on all cylinders and will sweep you along for the ride!