Find the Passion for What You Want to Do

3-4 PM ET – Closing Keynote Session

When you ride the elevator to your floor at work or when you open your laptop at home to start your day, what’s your first reaction? Do you sigh and sign on for another long day? Or do you feel motivated to get to work? Finding your passion and matching that to your job description is essential for making your career a fulfilling one. In this closing keynote, you will hear how to find and nurture the passion in your career.


Bo has more than thirty years of experience in the Private Club industry. His love for all things entrepreneurial led him to have a variety of business interests over the years including building a small-office accounting practice and being the general partner of a multi-store restaurant operation.

He has been an owner of a print brokerage operation, a full-service vending company, and a small corporation marketing enterprise designed to promote financial support for non-profits.

He is a Certified Club Manager and Past President of Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) Greater Michigan Chapter.