Eliminating Stress and Burnout: A Symphony for Success

10-11 AM ET – Opening Keynote Session

We know that stress can do serious damage to your body. And it’s something the former musical director of Hamilton and Bring it On discovered the hard way after suffering a heartattack at just 43. The heartattack was a direct result of stress, workaholism, and perfectionism. Now fully recovered and retired from performing, he will share his experience coupled with extensive research to help us high achievers to adopt a healthier approach to work.


Critically acclaimed for his work on the Broadway smash-hit musical Hamilton, Julian is a Keynote Speaker and Burnout Specialist committed to disrupting society’s attitude to work and achievement.

He graduated from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England, before embarking on a highly successful career as a musician and entrepreneur, performing to millions around the world while founding four thriving businesses in the creative sector.

Julian’s commitment to his work lead to a stress-induced heart attack when he was just 43 years old. This event inspired extensive research into the current trends for achievement and the exploration of alternatives, with his findings providing the foundations for his TEDx Talk on Perfectionism and a children’s book on the same subject.

His work has been featured in numerous leading publications, and he regularly appears on top 200 podcasts and other media outlets.

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