Rodney Flowers

At age 15, I experienced a football injury that left me paralyzed. I was a young, healthy athlete with dreams of a future in the NFL, and my doctors were telling me that I’d never walk again. I could have given up, but an inner voice kept telling me that my future held so much more.

I refused to accept my prognosis, and instead, made a conscious decision to transform my destiny. Step by step, armed with a toolkit of faith, perseverance and an unwavering belief in myself, I achieved my goal.

Today, my wheelchair no longer confines me, and my spirit is stronger than ever. I didn’t know it then, but the very same injury that could have been an insurmountable obstacle ignited what is now my life’s mission.

As an internationally recognized Transformational Speaker, I travel the world to share my story and teach the principles of self-empowerment and positive thinking. My passion is to inspire and motivate people to overcome challenges, find strength in adversity, and never give up on their dreams and aspirations!

I’ve coached individuals, groups, businesses and organizations in how to apply the best strategies for success, abundance and overall enrichment. My company, Inspirational Endeavors, provides multimedia resources for personal development, and my best-selling books (Get Up!: I Can’t. I Will. I Did…Here’s How!, Essential Assertions, and Conversations with Rodney, Volume 1: Breaking Free of Your Own Prisons), as well as my widely-attended personal appearances, have been endorsed by respected life coaches including Bob Proctor (The Secret), Peggy McColl and Dr. Jo Anne White.

Each of us has the power to own our future. When we leverage our unique talents, stay focused on our goals, and commit to realizing our fullest potential, life holds endless possibilities. If you’re ready for an exciting journey that will teach you how to attain the life you thought you could only dream of, contact me at

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