Ray McCollum

Raymond McCollum is a Senior Contracting at the Department of State. Previously, he served as a Strategic Program Manager in the Office of Government-wide Program within the Office of the Associate Administrator and the Office of Shared Solutions and Performance Improvement. Prior to that, he was the Branch Chief and Contracting Officer for the Office of IT Schedules Programs at GSA.

Raymond previously served as the Vice Chair of the ACT/IAC Partners Program and the President of National Contract Management Association (NCMA) DC Chapter. Prior to that, he served as the Vice President of Special Programs, Vice President of Membership and the Vice President of Operations. He is also an alumnus of the NCMA Contract Management Leadership Development Program (CMLDP) – Class of 2014. Additionally, between 2012-14, Raymond voluntarily served as Government Chair, at the American Council for Technology – Industry Advisory Council (ACT/IAC) on their Volunteer Corps and Small Business Conference, as the Government Chair. He is also an alum of the ACT/IAC Partners Program. Raymond’s also previously served 9 years in the Army, including two tours to Iraq.

Raymond received his Master of Science in Project Management from the prestigious George Washington University and his Bachelor’s Degree in Operations Management, specializing in Purchasing from the Ohio State University. He has a warrant and is FAC Level III certified in Contracting and Program/Project Management, as well as FAC-C Level II certified in COR. He is also CPCM certified.

In his spare time, Raymond enjoys reading, traveling, volunteering, playing in a kickball league, and watching the Ohio State University football team and band.

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