John Verrico

John Verrico has more than 38 years of experience as a public affairs professional working extensively in media, community and employee relations for federal and state government agencies. Currently serving as the Chief of Media & Community Relations for the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate, John is a retired Navy Master Chief Journalist and former President of the National Association of  Government Communicators. John is also a motivational speaker and leadership trainer who speaks around the world on topics such as motivational leadership, work-life balance, team building, customer service, and interpersonal communication. He pulls from a broad range of life experience, having previously worked as a freelance journalist, stand-up comic, janitor, theater performer, small-business consultant, electronics technician and disco dance instructor, among other fields. He holds a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership, and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. When not working, John can be found in what a local newspaper called his “demented man cave” where he collects memorabilia of classic monster movies.

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