Jacqueline Kazil

Jacqueline (Jackie) Kazil is a data scientist/software engineer specializing in complexity science, published author, and creator of the modeling library called Mesa.  In her career, she co-founded 18F, where she focused on a variety of projects — lead diversity and inclusion efforts, identity services, and the Freedom of Information Act remake. She also helped to build digital teams across the government.

Prior to the founding of 18F, Jackie was a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow with a mission focused on Disaster Response and Recovery, during which she created Geoq, an open source mapping workflow tool. The goal of this work was to streamline financial assistance payouts to disaster survivors, so that they may more quickly return to their pre-disaster lives. As a result of this work, NGA became one of the first U.S. intelligence agencies to open source code their code. She also worked for CACI at The Library of Congress on projects such as a Congress.gov remake, Chronicling America, as well as established an electronic intake system for digital content.  

She is also active in local, national, and international communities.  She sits on the board of the Python Software Foundation and Byte Back, a nonprofit that teaches digital literacy and career preparation to underserved Washington, DC metropolitan area residents. She helped lead the growth of PyLadies to more than 100 entities around the world and founded Women Data Science DC and Geo DC.

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