Brian Baskerville

Brian Baskerville is a Geographer and Geo-technology Specialist, USDA. He is a scientist and organizational management junkie with a passion for systems thinking and improving operational efficiencies. He thrives at the nexus of people and ideas and believes in my core that people are any organization’s greatest asset (so ditch the office furniture upgrade and invest in your assets instead)! He advocates for proactive, upstream thinking, continuous learning, and always challenging your assumptions.

For example, in his current role at the USDA-NRCS, he recently led an initiative to rethink the use of technology platforms in our wetland mapping process. We dismantled the old apparatus and redesigned the systems and procedures from the ground up. We are now able to complete the same job in less time with a fraction of the people!

In 2018 some associates and Brian founded the InGage Success Lab – designed to help individuals and businesses set strategic goals, effectively allocate resources, and ultimately achieve their objectives. For us it’s all about people helping people. Let us know if we can help get you where you want to be!

He has been fortunate to cultivate extensive international experience in nearly 30 countries – including Peace Corps-Morocco and a U.S. Embassy Science Fellowship-Marshall Islands.

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