Brian Baskerville

Brian Baskerville is a scientist and organizational management junkie with a passion for systems thinking, human capital development, and improving operational efficiencies. He thrives at the nexus of people and ideas and believes in his core that individuals are any organization’s greatest asset. He advocates for proactive, upstream thinking, continuous learning, and always challenging assumptions.

Brian has managed many projects in a diverse range of environments including: writing a book for a gubernatorial campaign, implementing USAID grants in North Africa, and developing a mobile technology strategy in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. In 2018 he founded the InGage Success Lab – a program designed to help individuals and businesses set strategic goals, effectively allocate resources, and ultimately achieve their objectives.

Brian is a NextGen Leadership Program Alumnus, a GovLoop Featured Contributor (checkout his series on “Managing Yourself”), and a current U.S. Embassy Science Fellow. He lives in Lincoln, NE with his wife, Rebecca, and their two sons.

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