Alex Johnston

Alex Johnston is a Civic Innovator and a Serial Social Entrepreneur who partners with mayors and city leaders to solve complex challenges in urban cities, human-to-human. Her passion is bringing out the creative power of civil servants and city leaders by using human-centered design.

After spending nearly a decade working on social and economic policy, Alex believes good, citizen-informed design drives lasting change in urban cities. Alex is the founder of Cities Reimagined, where she challenges city leaders to dismiss their assumptions and step into the shoes of the people for whom they are designing, seeing challenges from their perspective.

Most recently, Alex has been based in Detroit, Michigan working on a public/private partnership to make business licensing and permitting a smooth and simple process for entrepreneurs. When she isn’t rapid prototyping and playing design games with public servants, Alex is playing fiddle in the Johnston Family Band and exploring cities across the globe. She is a regular public speaker with an emphasis on urban innovation and systems design.

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