2015 NextGen Videos

The 2015 NextGen Government Training Summit was amazing and we want to share it with everyone! Check out some of the keynote and lightning speaker videos below. Videos will be released throughout the remainder of the year – so keep checking!

For blog re-caps on many of the sessions check out the 2015 Schedule and click on the individual session for more info.

Taking the Unexpected Detour

Neri has traveled around the country and has written several books inspired by true life. He has worked with inner city middle and high school students and aims to tell their stories as accurately as possible. He’s also written about Johnny Cash, Truman Capote and Harper Lee.

Millennials: Making a Difference For Everyone

Caraher admitted that there are many people in the workforce who are less enthusiastic about millennials, especially as they relate to the workplace. For those people, the M word represents a dangerous and distressing force that is infiltrating the traditions of work and government.

Wellness in the Workplace

Stress manifests itself in a variety of ways — from illness to grumpiness to self-isolation — and too often it can get in the way of a government worker who wants to be an effective leader and change agent. Therefore it’s important to try to diminish it — and with diminished stress comes better health, wellness and even motivation and ability to lead.

Know Your Worth

“I was a government contractor for over five years before flipping to a Fed back in 2009,” said Hernandez. “Since then, I’ve been promoted every year I’ve been eligible, received multiple annual leave and cash awards, and performed details with high level offices.”