Bobby Whiteside

Bobby Whiteside


After graduation from Morehouse College in 1990, I’ve worked in the insurance and financial services area helping clients secure their financial futures and protecting their hard earned assets.  My wife has been encouraging me to start my own firm for several years.  However, I always had an excuse as to why I could not break away from corporate America.  It took a conversation with one of my wealthiest clients to understand that, although I was making a nice salary, I was lacking quality of life.  For example, I would leave home early in the morning to catch the train to downtown DC and would race home at night to see my children before their bedtime.  As I interviewed my client I was able to reflect on my own life, and realized that if I didn’t make some changes I would miss life’s sweetest blessings.

I knew my client had more money than he could ever spend in a lifetime.  However, he could not enjoy his wealth because he was anxious and felt everyone was trying to take advantage of him.  He shared with me during this conversation that he was looking for me to help him “sleep better at night.”  At that point I realized that clients didn’t do business with me because of the Fortune 500 company I worked for.  They did business with me because they trusted me and knew that I would provide the best solutions for their needs.  In addition, my client shared with me that living without spending time with loved ones was one of his biggest regrets.

Therefore on March 1 of 2007, I decided to follow my life long dream and start Client 4 Life Insurance & Financial Services.  Primarily representing Erie Insurance.  During my first year I worked out of my home and quickly needed additional space.  I no longer had a three-hour roundtrip commute which allowed me to volunteer time as an assistant coach for my daughter’s soccer team.  A year later I was asked to take over as the head coach for my son’s youth soccer team.  All of this was like a breath of fresh air.  I was able to spend quality time with my children and coach/mentor young boys who live in Russett and the surrounding community.  I am now able to teach children that sports is a microcosm of life and they should show respect to their teammates and community.

I have a great group of guys and my Maryland City Mustangs U-9 soccer team has won our divisional championship for the last two seasons.  My beliefs as a business owner are similar to my beliefs as a soccer coach:  show respect, listen to people’s needs, and earn their trust.  My wife and I are now building a legacy we hope to one day pass on to our children.  My teammates’ parents and their referrals have rewarded us with new business.  They know if they can trust their sons with me for 5-6 hours a week, then I will also take care of their insurance and retirement needs.  In closing, I get a lot of joy working as a youth soccer coach.  Being involved in my community is a responsibility I take very seriously.  I am now living my dream while enriching my community.  While my biggest client is now sleeping better at night, I incorporate this same philosophy when counseling all of my clients.

Session Information

Thursday, July 26
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Never Too Young to Plan – Financial Planning from TSP to Insurance

From TSP to FEGLI to HSAs, financial planning can be boring and full of acronyms. But, it’s essential. Come to this session to learn the nuts and bolts about insurance and retirement in understandable English and tailored to the young fed experience. After all it’s not a benefit unless you understand it.